Thursday Night League

Thursday April 4, 2019 (Rained Out)‚Äč


Match Pairings

·       You can play any of your golfers together in the match foursomes during weekly play, regardless of their handicaps.

·       For match purposes the golfers will be paired against each other based on the following:

1.   For scoring purposes golfers will only be matched against golfers playing in the same foursome.

2.   The golfer within a playing foursome with the lowest unrounded handicap (handicap going into the match) will be paired against the other team’s lowest unrounded handicapped golfer within the playing foursome (handicap going into the match).

3.   If someone is establishing their handicap #2 above still applies but the in-handicap is based on how they shot that night. Thus you won’t know for sure who is matched within the playing foursome until play is completed.

4.   Blinds will be paired against the highest handicap position within a foursome, conversely golfers playing will be paired against the other team’s lowest handicap golfer within the foursome.

5.   If two golfers on a team have the exact handicap to two decimal places, then the golfers will be paired as they are written on the summary sheet. Make an agreement between both teams who is playing whom in this situation prior to teeing off. If it was not decided upon prior to playing flip a coin to determine the matchup.


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